'You must be the change you wish to see in the world' - M.K. Gandhi.

The ultimate purpose of education is to bring out a good human being out of the system. For real development along with knowledge, Life Skill education, Value education, Physical education and experiential learning is essential. Creative skills need to be nurtured. Young children need a sound base of experiences that is essential for later learning, a strong sense of self-esteem, excitement & curiosity for learning. It is during this time the children develop higher order thinking skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, societal thinking, reflecting thinking etc. Our Curriculum is planned and developed to create such experiences for the child.


Carmel Convent provides a safe, nurturing environment to excel in academics. Taking advantage of contemporary methods, materials, and technology, our students pursue academic excellence while growing in faith and service to others. 'Belief Enhance Life' it is our strong belief that multi dimensional academic programmes free the students from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn from multiple perspectives. Our teachers and school counsellor help direct students through the educational process by overseeing their academic lives, finding their strengths, challenging and supporting them in their decisions, and stimulating their interests. We strongly believe academically successful adolescents have higher self-esteem, lower levels of depression and anxiety, and are socially inclined. Self-esteem and self-confidence are critical factors in commitment to academic success.


Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is being followed in the assessment of the students. The teachers educate, monitor and guide the students to grasp the knowledge both within the curricular and co- curricular activities. Self study is encouraged through projects, tasks and assignments. Each student is accompanied and made sure she is in par with the other students in the class. Peers are appointed to assist the slow learners and it is ensured that every child has a success story to tell.

Value Education

'Joyful Living' is a series of value education book, the work of a team of researchers of the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation. It's an attempt to improve the quality of life of each student. The series also endeavours to imbibe in them the values like team work, national integration, environmental value and value of peaceful co existence for a global society and promote the development of various life-skills to face the challenges and adversities of life and forge ahead to take themselves, their society and the country to new heights.

School Ethos and Value

We believe that CARMEL provides an exceptional educational experience through high academic standards and strong Life Skills. We are committed to provide every student the opportunity to achieve their full potential to become confident and self-assured learners. We make deliberate efforts to make our students to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others with moral and ethical issues, promoting tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We work closely with our students, providing them counselling facilities both as a group and individuals.This enables our students to view education as a lifelong process. Students get opportunities to exercise and demonstrate the core Value which CARMEL stands for through not just their everyday lives but also a variety of platforms and engagements that include, special assemblies, activities relating to the theme of the month, through group interactions while working closely in the groups.