Community Service is one of the standout features of Carmel since 2002. Children from the neighbourhood, who attend government schools and are often deprived of the basic necessities, are brought together at the campus after the regular school for free coaching classes. Our campus comes alive with the presence of these children in the evening. Teachers and sisters ensure that the kids gain knowledge in their respective subjects and also get ample time for study, play and recreation. Life skills and activities help them gain awareness on personality development, health and hygiene, good manners, cleanliness and discipline. Over the years, scores of children have benefitted from the venture for their wholesome growth and grooming. This outreach has a positive impact on the Carmelites as it helps them learn lessons on kindness, compassion and an attitude for sharing their resources. The students feel motivated to make small sacrifices to provide learning facilities for the kids besides taking time to celebrate important days like birthdays and religious festivals.

We undertake awareness campaigns, visits to old age homes, orphanages, deaf & mute, centres, and schools for the blind. Our students are exposed early in life the importance of developing the spirit of giving back to society and reaching out to those less privileged and that are marginalized. Community we strive to develop leadership, buoyancy, empathy and other centeredness in our students.