10 July 2020

Going Behind the Doors of the United Nations

Carmel Convent School, Jammu organized an event to enter the United Nations house in New York City, USA on 10 July via the Zoom app. The virtual tour of the United Nations with Visit UN offered an exciting opportunity to explore the United Nations from the comfort of our own home. This journey took Carmel through a virtual Security Council Chamber and General Assembly Hall with its beautiful designs while showing some of the works of arts decorating the inside of the United Nations Headquarters. One of Visit UN’s Tour Guide, Ms. Rabeea Khalid, guided us through the Organization’s history with a focus on the current work of its principal organs.

The Chief of the Guided Tours, Mr. Vincenzo, along with his teammates was also present in the session. Through the interactive experience students of Carmel Jammu learned how the United Nations addresses issues such as disarmament, peace and security, human rights, and how we can support the Sustainable Development Goals. During the pandemic, while the United Nations Headquarters are closed, images of the famous General Assembly Hall, the Security Council Chamber, and other venues brought the location to life.

This talk was a part of a year-long celebration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary. The virtual event was organized for Humanities students, who ask a few questions after the tour. A video was also shown at the end by Ms. Rabeea to show the different departments of the United Nations.

"UN's Virtual tour was the most wonderful experience we all ever have. The way Ms. Rabeea Khalid explained to us about the UN formation and working was amazing. Thanks to our worthy principal Sr. Maria Swati, Father Shaiju Chacko, teacher Mrs. Anita Rampal, Ms. Sophia Sharma, who took some time from their busy schedules and gave us this opportunity. It was a remarkable session for all of us and we feel privileged. We all learned and explored many new things in just a few minutes. Thanks to everyone for organizing it", said Bhavni, student of Class XII, Humanities.