09 July 2020

Carmel Jammu Celebrates the 25th Anniversary

The year 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Carmel Covent School, Jammu, and the school celebrated this milestone by hosting a Facebook and Youtube live on July 9, 2020. The highlights of the show were, the Sisters of yesteryears, who were invited for a discussion along with few ex-students. The presence of former leaders of Carmel- Sisters Lisetta A.C., Dorita A.C., Beena A.C., and Sister Margaret Angela A.C. made the show more blissful. A few Carmelites, Mohita Rampal, Priyanka Slathia, Alisha Luthra, and Cheena Sumbriya who were ins school during their tenure have graced the show by sharing their school memories.

Carmel was established in the year 1995 and is owned by the Diocese of Jammu- Srinagar Education Society (Regd.) and administered by the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel. The school provides quality and holistic education to girls in Jammu. Consequently, spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical aspects of the girls are a consideration.

Sisters Lisetta A.C. and Beena A.C. rendered their services in its initial stages of growth.
Started her journey in Carmel Jammu in 1997 and was here till 2001. They worked diligently and went beyond her limits to help Carmel reach heights.

Talking about Sr. Dorita A.C, she served Carmel Jammu from the year 2001 to 2006 and was a passionate leader who took Carmel to brighter places. Sr. Dorita A.C. brought a lot of changes in the infrastructure, academics, and so on. Listening down her exceptional deeds and qualities she brought into Carmel might not be possible because it was under her guidance when Carmel grew rapidly. Carmel saw a massive change under her guidance.

The discussion became interactive when the EX- Students, Mohita Rampal, Priyanka Slathia, Alisha Luthra, and Cheena Sumbriya joined in. All of them expressed their love for Carmel and it was so good to see all of them remembering each detail of their school time so deeply and clearly. Students also shared a few old pictures of their times. It was a nostalgic moment that took us to Golden Days of Carmel.

The session took us back to the 90s and then to present times. All the followers, including students and parents, along with the staff members, also reconnected through comments and shared their memories.

Carmel Jammu’s principal Sister Maria Swati A.C. expressed that the evening was intended to be a time of Carmel family being together and a time to celebrate. "The aim was to reconnect and see how far we have come. I am so proud of my Carmel Family and everyone who has worked tirelessly to make the best of 25 years" said Sister Swati A.C.