30 June 2020

New Chapters, New Chances- Online Activities 3.0

Learning through virtual interactions and critical thinking is becoming a fundamental teaching approach, during the so-called Novel Normal days. This approach promotes a holistic and deeper understanding of the subject being learned. Online technologies are offering us new opportunities to create communities of inquiry that allow for more active learning and which enhances students’ critical thinking. Having learned the importance of such learning Carmel uses multiple online activities to supplement and strengthen the students’ learning environment. After three months of continuous process of online classes and activities now, the staff and students have improved in their virtual teaching-learning skills. They are very positive about their interaction with online activities. The following are the activities conducted in June 2020.

World Environment Day
Carmel is known for teaching a value-based education so it takes initiatives to respect and love our environment too. Pandemic has changed everything around us and taught us the prime lesson of preserving the environment at all cost. The damage is done is to be healed. We need to think about the solution. Class VIII made posters on Environment Day bearing appropriate slogans. Class IX students collected waste materials and created beautiful things under the title ‘best out of waste’.

Acts of Kindness
For the last four months (approx.), corona warriors are fighting for us. One word of kindness can do wonders, so the students wrote an essay on Acts of Kindness during COVID-19. The activity was for students from classes I to XII. In this unprecedented time, we need unprecedented kindness. The students of all classes were made aware of acts of kindness that bring life to the people who work for us.

International Father’s Day
Father’s are the pillars of our family. To celebrate them, students performed different activities. Pre-primary to II class students narrated stories with their father using props, students from classes III to VI made rosette badges and wrote five lines about their father. Class VII to IX students made Father’s Day coupons as a perfect gift for their fathers. Higher class students, i.e., students from class X to XII, made a paper flower bouquet and sent the pictures to the e-mail id assigned.

International Yoga Day
Exercise and Healthy food is the key to live a happy and disease-free life. And there is no doubt how yoga helps us stay fit. This International Yoga Day, students made videos while doing Yoga and told how Yoga has changed their lives.

World Music Day- Singing Competition
Music is a valid therapy to potentially reduce depression and anxiety, as well as to improve mood, self-esteem, and quality of life. The online singing competition was held where the students sang different songs and sent videos to concerned teachers.

Urdu Speech Quest
The more you will learn, the more you will grow. Urdu speech quest was held for classes VI to X and the students were divided into two categories. Category one included VI, VII, and VIII, these students spoke on ‘Effects of Corona Virus on Environment’. The second category consisted of IX and X class students who spoke on ‘Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone or Effectiveness of Online Classes’.

Carmel believes in finding resolutions rather than making the difficulties their excuses. With the completion of one more virtual learning month, we have again proved that we always live by our motto, "Belief Enhances Life".