19 June 2020

One Step Ahead!

Jammu: Carmel Convent School Jammu organized multiple online guest lectures amid lockdown. The sessions arranged were on various topics relevant to the contemporary situation. Importance of exercise, handling anxiety for staff & and students, during the lockdown including a vibrant interaction with alumni. These sessions were carried, on Zoom, StreamYard, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube Live respectively. The principal of the school, Sister Swati hosted all the sessions and Manager, Father Shaiju Chacko directed them gracefully. These online events are entitled as Carmel Connections, enabling an association with people from various fields around the globe, to provide overall benefits to our stakeholders.

Episode 1 of Carmel Connections commenced with Sherlin Seth, Carmelite, model, and an actor on 3 June via Instagram Live. With her encouraging words, she urged the students to exercise regularly and stressed on the importance of the same. Sherlin also shared about her life journey and days back at Carmel.

Episode 2 of Carmel Connections, held on 16 June 2020, focused on how to handle anxiety throughout the pandemic, bestowed by Dr. Manu Arora, a Psychiatrist in GMC Jammu. It was an interactive session for students of XI and XII along with their parents. After a 20 minutes lecture, Carmelites placed questions forward to which Dr. Manu responded quite effectively.

We went live with Sophia Sharma, Esq., on 17 June 2020, in episode 3 of Carmel Connections. She is a Carmelite, Attorney (USA), and an entrepreneur. She enlightened the students on how to be a successful woman. It was an affectionate and interactive session as one of the senior staff members, Anita Rampal, joined in and shared yesteryears of Carmel. Few present Carmelites also accompanied the discussion to take guidance from Sophia.

In continuation, Episode 4 of Carmel Connections, held on 18 June 2020, was exclusively for the faculty members of Carmel Jammu. The staff is performing so well, yet the management felt the need to boost their confidence with this online session. Ashwin Kumar Patel, Social Worker, was brought in to heighten their mental and physical health.

To this Sister Swati added, “Carmelites for us are not just students but they are beloved members of the family and we want to see them grow and prosper in every aspect.” She also expressed her gratitude to all the guests of Carmel Connections for spending some time with us and guiding our Carmel family. The purpose of Carmel's connections is to enhance the life of the Carmel family by setting beliefs, which is our motto, "Belief Enhances Life" and also to spread the message far and wide.

Palak Saini and Anshika Gandhi the students, of Class XI, “Thank You Sister Swati and Father Shaiju for organizing such fruitful and beneficial sessions for the students.”

Anita Rampal, the teacher, exclaimed, “We are proud to be a part of the Carmel family as we focus on women empowerment for the society. Everyone who has entered the Carmel family has grown, since the beginning, in every aspect.”