01 May 2020

The Road To Success Connects With Overall Development

Carmel plunged into the unknown by conducting online classes on the first of April. It was considerably smooth for us to shift the learning process online but the major concern was engaging the students in academics and performing extracurricular activities alongside. We at Carmel, believe extracurricular activities improve academic scores and the social life of the students. Therefore it is equally necessary and promotes overall growth. To reduce stress, Extracurricular activities were also organized. The students participated in large numbers that boosted the spirit not only of the participants but also the staff. They enriched the lives of the students, their families, and our communities. These activities shape well-rounded children who learn what their interests and talents are because they have been exposed to such opportunities.

After performing certain activities the students sent the photos of the activities on email and some of them, who outdid in the tasks were appreciated.

The following were some of the activities performed for April 2020.

World Heritage Day: To celebrate International Heritage Day, the students from class VI wrote a paragraph on a historical monument and class IX students designed a stamp on the same topic. This highlighted the theme of this year’s Heritage Day “Shared Heritage and Shared responsibility.” It was heartwarming to see our students with the minimum things available at hand but still, they managed to bring out the best from their creative mind.

World Earth Day: The students from classes V to VIII designed a poster and badge, respectively, on the topic "Climate Action". Students from classes, V and VI, made posters, and the students from VII and VIII created the badges. Through this activity, they brought home the message that we need to protect and care for our mother Earth.

Declamation Contest: The students reproduced a speech given by Corona Warriors who are sacrificed their lives to save the world. Students from classes VII and VIII made two-minute videos and sent those to a given email. It was quite impressive to see our students taking interest in such activities even when they are at home.

Colouring and Drawing: It is a little difficult to engage primary students while they are away, but with the support of their parents and the teachers, we conducted a drawing and colouring activity for (Class I) them in which they drew Apple & Mango and colour it. Students from Class II made a bird using curves and lines. The results were amazing because most of the students did it and sent the images to the concerned leaders.

The seeds of personality development start blooming from the time the students put their feet into an educational institution. So, experiencing extra-curricular activities at this point is extremely important for the students. We tried to curate as many activities as we could, for students of all the classes to counter the psychological-emotional changes taking place during this period. The overall improvement of the students is essential for us and we will continue to conduct such activities to keep our students connected with us and the studies because whatever happens, learning shall never stop.

Our motto “Belief Enhances Life” and it sure does!