20 December 2019

Social Service

Life is lived only once, but the differences come in the way it is lived. It is not about the difference in the lifestyles between the rich and the poor, but something that affects everyone equally. This realization hit the Carmelites during their recent visits to different old age homes and orphanages.
Students of all age groups visited many places like Amphala Bal Bhawan, Choti Teresa Bakshi Nagar, MC Janipur (Missionary Of Charity, Sahara Special school(Trikuta Nagar),Sunrise school, Old Age Home(RS Pura)etc. It was a life changing experience for everyone filled with emotions and sentiments. At first, the students segregated and individually interacted with the inmates. The reality put before their eyes was hard to digest .Witnessing the elderly parents not taken care of and sent to centres like these, was not a pleasant thing to encounter. But uplifting the moods, students tried to have some fun by singing, dancing and distributing things of requirement to them. The residents bubbled with energy, as they hummed to the tune of evergreen songs. The elderly were really happy to see the students and spend time with them.
Seeing the smile on their faces was worth the visit. It was a different kind of satisfaction altogether, to hear their joyous laughs, their toothless smiles and hushed giggles. So contrary to when we first saw them. Making the students feel that the very purpose of their visit had been achieved.