08 November 2019

Annual day cum Silver Jubilee inauguration.

“A silver year has a special significance in the life of any institution as it signifies the amount of success, growth and the sense of maturity it has attained in all the preceding years ”. Carmel Jammu thus celebrated a milestone of it’s vision and mission on 8th November 2019. This Silver Jubilee was a blessing for every Carmelite as they are the luckiest ones to witness the dynamic era at their alma mater.
Carmel was dream of Bishop Hippolytus and it was turned into a reality by the hard work and collaborative work of the sisters and fathers who have rendered their selfless services to this prestigious institution.The motto of the Silver Jubilee “Deeper,Stronger,Higher” truly reflects the growth and development of everyone who has entered the premises of Carmel. Carmel in itself has created power women who aim to go deeper in their roots, become stronger in their mission and grow higher to attain their vision.
The exuberant function commenced by the lighting of diyas and was followed by a solemn prayer dance. The highlight of the mega event was the unveiling of our school’s new logo by Rev. Bishop Ivan Pereira, followed by our school manager Fr.Shaiju Chacko. The new school logo represents new hopes and new beginnings, which unite all the carmelites in mind, spirit and action along with the holy cross being a guide and a mentor always.
The spectacular event was sparkling with beautiful rendition of songs synchronized with flawless dances. The ushering of the Silver Jubilee celebration very aptly coincided with 150 years of A.C Establishment in India. A skit on the same was performed by Carmelites showing the settling of Carmel in Jammu & Kashmir and how this dream of Bishop Hippolytus has grown into a fruitful tree from a little seedling.
As a potter moulds a raw and shapeless lump of clay into beautiful vases, likewise a skit based on the theme ‘The potter and the clay’ displayed how each Carmelite is transformed into a powerful and strong women. The meritorious students of std.10th & 12th were felicitated by Sr.Neimalini and Bishop Ivan Pereira respectively, for their achievements.
The live wire of the program was the in-house production by the school choir “Aarambh hue hain carmel k 25 varsh mahaan”, Thus reflecting that carmel is touching the new heights of success .Eventually the event came to an end leaving the audience spellbound and mesmerised.